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3rd EUROPAEDIATRICS-2008 - 14-17June2008 - Istanbul, Turkey
In June, 14-17th, 2008 3-rd European Congress of Paediatricians took place in Istanbul (Turkey) EUROPAEDIATRICS- 2008.
More than 2000 leading scientists, practical doctors, teachers of higher educational institutions from 46 countries of European Union took part in the work of the Congress.   
The greatest delegation – more than 250 people from 55 regions of the country – was presented by the Union of paediatricians of Russia headed by the academician of Russian Academy of Medical Science A.A.Baranov, which the President of the Congress Professor M.Vural noted especially.
On the Solemn opening ceremony of the Congress the President of the European paediatric association (EPA-UNEPSA) professor A.Constantopoulos (Greece) made the official announcement of carrying out of the 4-th European Congress of pediatricians in July, 3-6th, 
2009 in Moscow. For the first time, besides European paediatricians directly, the American Academy of pediatrics, professional associations of children’s doctors from China, India and countries of Latin America will take part in it with the support of World Health Organization (WHO) and Children’s Fund of UNO (UNICEF).
The scientific program of the Congress was held in the largest business and exhibition center of Istanbul, session were held in parallel in 5 halls. Scientific symposiums (23), round tables (14), lectures and meeting with leading scientists (37) were organized. Simultaneously with the scientific program the medical exhibition and poster session were arranged where 20 stand reports out of 170 were delivered by the scientists from various regions of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to note that for the first time in the history of national paediatrics there were representatives of our country in the organizational and scientific committee of the European Congress – professors A.A.Baranov and L.S.Namazova.       
 For our delegation the most interesting issues discussed at the Congress were: modern opportunities of prenatal and neonatal diagnostics, vaccination of children with chronic diseases, transplantation of organs and tissues, pediatric dermatology, “prophylaxis with antibiotics and without them”, new in treatment of a food allergy, early genetic diagnostics of various diseases. As chairpersons of plenary sessions and symposiums the academician of Russian Academy of Medical Science A.A.Baranov, the professor L.M.Roshal and the professor L.S.Namazova were invited.
Our scientists also had what to share with foreign colleagues. For the first time in its history the Russian delegation participated actively in the discussion of many actual problems of children’s health. In oral reports, 12 of which were delivered by the representatives of national paediatrics, we told about experience of rheumatic diseases treatment by biological agents, new possibilities of efficiency estimation of allergenspecific immunotherapy by ultrasonic methods of diagnostics, non-medication treatment of a bronchial asthma, research of genetic mutation at sideremia, diagnostic value of biopsy and electronic chromoscopy at endoscopy of digestion organs, the condition of teenagers’ health on the example of Ivanovo region of the Russian Federation, dynamics of cytokins        receptors of blood lymphocytes at allergenspecific immunotherapy, the organization of the urgent surgical service for children in extreme situation.
It is a big pleasure that the reports were delivered not only by famous Russian scientists but by young scientific workers as well.
у стенда Europaediatrics-2009(состоится в Москве)
Outside the official program of the Congress the Union of paediatricians of Russia specially organized a scientific symposium “Allergic diseases in a paediatrician’s practice: from simple to complex” for the Russian delegation on the Day of a medical worker. The corresponding members of Russian Academy of Medical Science I.V.Shakhgildyan and L.M.Ogorodova delivered the reports. On the termination of the Symposium on the Istanbul land the Hymn of paediatricians of Russia sounded and the festive reception took place where the children’s doctors of the country congratulated each other with enthusiasm on surprising opportunity to mark the professional holiday in the days of the professional Forum.
Within the framework of the Congress the session of the scientific committee of the following congress of European paediatricians – EUROPAEDIATRICS-2009 – was held which will take place the next summer in Moscow for the first time in the history of the USSR and Russia. The membership of the scientific committee as a whole was approved at the International congress of paediatricians in summer 2007 in Athens. Professor J.Ehrich, the known children’s doctor from Hannover University (Germany), in the past President of the European paediatric association, headed the committee. The members of the committee are the leaders of European paediatrics: professors A.Constantopoulos (Greece, Athens, President of European paediatric association), D.Branski (Israel, Ber-Sheva), Ph.Evrard (France, Paris), G.Gaedike(Germany, Berlin), A.Rubino (Italy, Naples), D.Van Esso (Spain, Barselona), J.Lopes dos Santos (Portugal, Lisboa) also A.Baranov and L.Namazova (Russia, Moscow).
 The phrase suggested by the Russian paediatricians became the motto of the Moscow Congress (“East and West, North and South: balanced paediatric care in Europe”).
Scientific committee discussed the draft of the scientific program and approved its new version. As it was mentioned above, the Moscow Congress arouses heightened interest of not only potential delegates from Europe but of children’s doctors of the USA and some Asian countries. So the delegation of the American Academy of pediatrics came forward with the initiative to take part in the development of the scientific program of our congress and for the preliminary discussion of which the representative delegation of American paediatricians headed by the past president professor J,Berkelhamer flew across the ocean to Moscow before the beginning of the Istanbul congress. Vice-President of the American Academy of pediatrics professor E.Alden became the co-chairman of the scientific committee.
Besides, on the suggestion of the President of Moscow congress of European paediatricians the academician A.A.Baranov many candidates of the leading scientists from Russia and east-european countries of far and near abroad were introduced in the scientific committee: N.Volodin, L.Roshal, A.Roumiantsev, V.Tatochenko, E.Alexeeva, A.,Tsygin, V.Uchaikin (Russia, Moscow), N.Shabalov (Russia, S.Peterburg), O.P,Kovtun (Russia, Ekaterinburg), L.M.Ogorodova (Russia,Tomsk), Y,Antipkin (Ukraine, Kiev), B, Ussonis Lithuania, Vilnius), V.Matveev (Belarus, Minsk),.
All suggested candidates were approved and included in the official version of the first announcement of the Moscow congress which was actively spread among the delegates. It is worth to underline that the Moscow congress stand was one of the mostly attended at the exhibition.
Президент Европейской педиатрической ассоциации проф.Андреас
Константопоулос объявляет о проведении 4-го Конгресса в 2009году в Москве
General Assembly of the European paediatric association was held on the same day. The main issue discussed was the preparation of the Moscow congress. The delegates of the paediatric communities of Europe looked with pleasure at the first information letter with the logo of the congress – nice matreshkas and impressive motto, photos of the Center of International Trade where the Moscow congress is going to be and the most beautiful views of our capital.
The information of the preparation of the scientific program of the Moscow paediatric Forum was listened to with satisfaction.
The closing of the Congress was one more interesting and pleasant event. Under the loud applause the President of EUROPAEDIATRICS – 2008 professor M.Vural handed on the symbolic baton to the President of EUROAPEDIATRICS – 2009 the academician A.A.Baranov.
Then the Presidents of Congress – 2008 and Congress – 2009 awarded the prize voucher to the winner of the competition of oral reports, it was a young lady-doctor, representative of Greece. This voucher will enable the happy holder to attend the Moscow Forum next year.
On the return to Moscow the pediatricians of Scientific Center of Children’s Health were surprised to see the first patients from Turkey in the registry of the consultative-diagnostic center.

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