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February the 15 -18 , 2010
15 – 18 February 2010 the XIV Congress of Pediatricians’ of Russia was held in Moscow. The Congress was organized according to the plan approved by the Health and social development Ministry of Russian Federation (order № 4 from 11 of January 2010).
3268 doctors, scientists and organizers of health services from all subjects of the Russian Federation as well as from near and far foreign countries participated at the work of the Congress.
The  Opening Ceremony of the Congress traditionally took place in the Hall of the Ecclesiastical Cathedral of the Christ-Saviour Cathedral on the 15 of February 2010.
President of the Executive Committee of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, chief nontenured pediatrician of   the Health and Social development RF Ministry, Director of the Scientific Center of the Children’s health of the Russian Academy of Medical sciences, Vice-President of the Academy of Medical sciences Alexander Baranov pronounced the opening speech.
Vladimir Molchanov, the famous TV show-man was the ceremony anchorman.
With the big interest the participants of the ceremony have watched the special issue of the information and analytical TV program “Union of Pediatricians of Russia: Results 2009”. It is remarkably how many events had taken place in 2009: there were the XVI Congress of Pediatricians with the election meeting, congresses in regions – North – West (S.-Petersburg, May and December 2009 more than 1500 participants), Siberia (Tomsk, September, 1700 delegates), Central Federal region (Kaluga, November, more than 700 persons) and certainly, unforgettable IV Europaediatrics in July 2009 in Moscow, gathered more than 3000 participants from 800 countries.
President of the Russian Federation D.Medvedev, Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Meeting of RF B. Gryzlov, plenipotentiary representative of the president of RF in Central Administrative Region G. Poltavchenko, minister oh Health and Social Development T. Golikova, chairman of Russian Children’s Fund, writer, RAO academician A.Likhanov, President of Russian Unity of manufacturers and businessmen A. Shokhin have sent their greetings to the participants and guests of the Congress.
The most kind and cordial words addressed to the children’s doctors were pronounced by: Chairman of the State Duma Committee of the Health O. Borzova,     First Deputy Head of the fraction “United Russia” in the State Duma T.Yakovleva, Director of the Department of the development of medical aid to children and obstetrics of the Health and Social development Ministry of Russia V. Shirokova, on behalf of Russian Orthodox Church archpriest George Roshin, special representative of the RF President on the International cultural collaboration M. Shvydkoy, deputy head of the Moscow Health Department I. Leshkevitch, official WHO representative in Russian Federation Dr. Luidgi Millioriny, emergency and plenipotentiary Ambassador of Lithuanian Republic in Russian Federation Antanas Vinkus.
For the ponderable contribution in the development of children’s health and untiring work for the children benefit the following our colleagues were rewarded by:
-      honorary diploma of the Health and Social development Ministry of RF: Baturina Tatiana Vladimirovna (Ulan-Ude), Bulatova Elena Markovna (S.-Petersburg), Varfolomeeva Eugenia Jurievna (Moscow), Francyzova Tamara Mickhilovna (Ivanovo);
-      diploma and memorable presents from fraction “United Russia” in the State RF Duma: Bashkirova Elena Guennadievna (Bugulma, Tatarstan), Dorokhova Nathalia Fedorovna (Moscow), Kondratieva Elena Ivanovna (Krasnodar), Nosova Lydia Sergeevna (Samara), Rumiantzev Alexnder Grigorievich (Moscow), Abramov Karaman Sergeevich (Moscow);
-      Official honorary mention the Health protection State RF Duma Committee: Zakharova Irina Nikolajevna (Moscow), Krasnov Mikchail Vasilievich (Cheboksary), Kuznetzova Euguenia Vjacheslavovna (Samara), Madenova Tatiana Igorevna (Moscow), Poljakov Serguey Dmitrievich (Moscow), Taranushko Tatiana Euguenievna (Krasnojarsk);
-      Official honorary mention from Rospotrebnadzor: Ibraguimova Elena Mikhailovna (Vladivostok), Izvolskaja Zoja Alexandrovna (Moscow), Katkova Ludmila Ivanovna (Samara), Kobzeva Larissa Rudolfovna (Moscow), Namazova-Baranova Leyla Seymurovna (Moscow).
The culminating point of the Ceremony was the rewarding of the winners in the Union of pediatricians of Russia competition for the title “Children’s doctor of the year” in 2009 on the stage of the Hall of the Church’s Councils of the Christ Saivour Temple. Winners became:
-      in nomination “District pediatrician” – Shubina Marina Anatolievna (Astrakhan);
-      in nomination “Pediatric Surgeon” – Minaev Serguey Viktorovich (Stavropol);
-      in nomination “Pediatric traumatologist – orthopedist” – Vassilistov Dmitrij Borisovich (Penza);
-      in nomination “Pediatric anaesthesiologist – resuscitation specialist” - Kolesnichenko Anatolij Pavlovich (Krasnojarsk);
-      in nomination “pediatrician in subspecialty ” – Protasova Tatiana Alexandrovna (Kemerovo);
-      in nomination “Pediatrician - innovator” – Kabakov Alexey Euguenievich (Ulianovsk);
-      in nomination “pediatric Health care organizer” – Nacybullina Nurija Nurgalievna (Kazan);
-      in nomination “Doctor, Scientist, Teacher” – Kushnir Semen ikchailovich (Tver);
-      in nomination “For the profession faithfulness” – Khazanov Alexander Ilytch (S.-Petersburg).
Winners in the competition “pediatric  nurse 2009” became:
-      Dorjieva Dolgor Nimaevna (Ulan-Ude),
-      Dulja Julia Jurievna (Samara),
-      Vladimirova Galina Ivanovna (Moscow).
The festival atmosphere in the hall was increased with the appearance of the famous artists and artistic groups, such as: People artist of Russia Nadejda Babkina and her theatre “Russian song”, People artist of Russia Vladimir Vinokur and the State burlesque theatre, People artist of Russia Lev Leshenko, the Philharmonic Choral cappella “Jaroslavija”, head of collective is the professor of Moscow conservatory V. Kontarev; theatre-studio of the modern choreography headed by Honoured Artist of Russia I.Afonina, folk-group “Zvonary” (art-adviser – Honoured Russia cultural organizer I.Merkushova), singer and actress Tatjana Abramova, singer Diana Gurtzkaja, chamber music ensemble “Musica Humana”, headed by professor A. Vizguird. In conclusion, the Children’s choir of radio and TV of Russia guided by honoured artist of Russia L. Poljakova apperder on the stage and all together with the audience sang Hymn of Union of  Pediatricians of Russia.
Scientific part of the XIV Congress of Pediatricians – plenums, symposia, round tables, master-classes, schools – all this took place from 16 up to 18 of February 2010 in the International Trade Centre on Krasnaja Presnja.
139 various scientific symposia and round tables, meetings with professors in 8 halls took place. There were 465 scientific reports and lectures. The following scientists actively participated at the Congress work: academicians of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Volodin N.N., Denisov I.N., Aliev M.D., Lobzin Ju.V., Nasonov E.L., Pokrovsky V.I., Sydorenko E.I., Sukharev A.G., Ternovoy S.K., Tuteljan V.A., Uchaikin V.F., corresponding members of the RAMS Balabolkin I.I., Bogomilsky M.R., Karaulov A.V., Kolesnikov L.I., Litvitzky P.F., Ogorodova L.M., Poljakov V.G., Shakhguildjan V.I.
During the XIV Congress with international participation, leading foreign scientists made theur speeches: W. Haschke (Switzerland), Burns, D., Gordon, D., V. Zelman, Fuzaylov GA (USA), I. Lahti (Finland), M. Beck , G. Boehm, Weimann A., G. Gaedicke, Shtim T. R. Reinert (Germany), A. Schaafsma (Netherlands), M. Kuzman (Croatia), Ruperto, N. (Italy), A. Lapillone, Pierre R. (France). Adeli H. (Canada), V.Usonis (Lithuania), colleagues from Belarus.
The traditional special thrill of the Congress became master-classes, carried out by Russian and foreign specialists.
The year pre-congress master-classes were organized on the basis of the Scientific Centre of Children’s health of the Russian Academy of medical sciences on the 12-15 of February 2010 and were devoted to the Rx diagnostics in pediatrics, modern approaches to clinical tests, vaccination, allergic diseases treatment and antibacterial therapy of ear, nose, throat (ENT) pathologies in children. Master-classes carried out on holidays gave the chance to hundreds doctors from Russia and from near foreign countries in plus to perfect their qualification on actual pediatric problems.
Especially demonstrative was the work of the international master-classes on pediatric surgical gastroenterology with the endoscopy and anesthesiology – resuscitation. Professor Leo H.D.J.Booij – vice-president of the European Association of anesthesiologists and resuscitation specialists , director of the Medical Centre of University Nijmegen, chairman (Netherlands), Gian Battista Parigi – Dean of the Children’s Surgery Section of the European Union of medical specialists UEMS (Pavia, Italy), Pascal de Lagausie – the leading surgeon of the Children’s hospital Des Orphans de la Timone (Marseille, France).
On the XIV Congress of Pediatricians the delegates had discussed the obtained results of the national projects of priority: “Health” and “Demography”, role of pediatricians in realizing of FCP “Healthy mode of life”. A special attention was paid to actual vaccination problems in pediatrics, children and adolescents reproductive health, pediatric  traumatology and orthopedics, pediatric surgery, uroandrology, ophthalmology, othorhynolaryngology.
In the framework of the Congress the 2-nd Congress of the Russian society of school and university medicine and health as well as the joint session of the profile committee on pediatrics and hygiene of children and adolescents of the Expert Council in health protection of the RF Ministry of Health and Social Development were carried out.
It was for the first time when the Union of pediatricians of Russia translated directly from the Congress Hall its sessions to the regions. For the pilot project the regional hospitals of Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk were chosen.
And one more “for the first time” – this year the Union of pediatricians of Russia obtained the right to issue the certificate of the international model of the European Council of accreditation on continuous medical education. Now the Union of Pediatricians of Russia and the faculty of the post-graduate professional education of pediatricians within their measures carry out schools according to the system of continuous professional education with the certificates delivering. This year there were delivered 44 certificates of the school of improving pediatricians qualification, 225 certificates of pediatrician and health protection organizers, 550 – of children’s allergist – immunologist, including 251 – education of specialists in immunology, 175 – children’s rheumatologist, 363 – specialists on medical ensuring of general education institution, 105 – children’s surgeon. Totally there were including all schools 1832 certificates.
The Union of pediatricians of Russia pays a special attention to the preservation of history and traditions of Russian medicine. In the framework of the XIV Congress a special symposium was given to this subject “History of the national pediatrics. Memorial dedication to the prominent Russian pediatricians of the last third of the XX century”. The Chairmen of this symposium were academician of the Academy of medical sciences A.A. Baranov and rector of the Russian State Moscow University N.N. Volodin.
It is encouraging that there were a lot young people among the audience. As usually a lot of useful information for the children’s doctors was represented at the exposition “Mother and child health – 2010”.
The Congress closure became one more interesting and important event.
Results of the Young Scientists Competition were announced. This year 44 applications from 16 towns of Russia were submitted for the competition participation.
Last two years there was a clear tendency to “an early start of the scientific activity” among Russian pediatricians – more and more young specialists and even students participate in the competition. The competition results showed an important increase of the young specialists from regions of the country.
The work of Yakusheva Christina Viktorovna, student of the Syberian State Medical Institute “Influence of the pharmacotherapy on change of the correlation of lipids in the surface hydrolipid skin film in case of atopic dermatitis in children” became the winner of the young Scientists Competition.
The second place was divided between:
-      Rizvanova Farida Faritovna from Kazan State medical University “Influence of polymorphism genes IL4, IL6 on the susceptibility to the respiratory diseases in children and the distribution of the alleles frequences in subpopulations of the Republic of Tatarstan”.
-      Chijova Galina Vladimirovna from Saratov State Medical university “Changes in the reproductive system in adolescents – girls with obesity and their correction”.
-      The third place was adjudged to the following works:
-      Nechaeva Polina Valerievna, student of Ivanovo State Medical academy “ Rehabilitation of children with vision disorders taking into account features of their emotional sphere”.
-      Gumenjuk Olga Igorevna, student of Saratov State medical University “Education through the skill of students – pediatricians and family doctors”.
-      Kostoussova Yekaterina Valerievna, research fellow from the Scientific and research Institute of maternity and child protection, Yekaterinburg, “Role of the vessels endothelium dysfunction in the development of functional changes of the cardio-vascular system in newborn babies from mothers suffered congenital hart diseases”.
The following works were awarded with special prizes:
-      Chakhtaktinskaya Firuza Chinguizovna “Scientific reasons of the organizing approaches to the primary prevention of papilloma virus infection”. She was invited to participate at the Congress on PVI, which will be held in Prague this autumn.
-      Chakhova Irina Vladimirovna, resident doctor from Siberian State university “Analysis of the ACT adherence for children within the outpatient stage”. She was invited to participate at the next congress of pediatricians of Russia which will bw held of February 2011.
-      Solovjeva Nathalya Alexeevna from Yakutsk Scientific Centre of the complex medical problems of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences became one more laureate of young Scientists Competition. She has got the indirect bonus for the work “Genetic risk factors of the atopic bronchial asthma in Russian Yakut populations”.
-      Krutikova Nadejda Jurievna from Smolensk State Medical academy has got a special bonus – camera – for the work “Influence of the nutrition type on the physical development and on the alimentary dependence pathologies in contemporary children”.
-      And children’s surgeons from Ivanovo State Medical Academy Babanov Dmitry Vladimirovich and Ignatiev Evgueny Alexeevich, winners 2008, now were awarded with special memorial bonus from Union of pediatricians of Russia for their new work “Prediction of post-surgical complications in acute appendicitis in children”.
Traditionally in the context of the sizing up of the young scientists competition the audience sympathy bonus was delivered to the author whose work had impressed young scientists themselves – participants of the competition. Balakireva Anna Vladimirovna from Ivanovo State Medical Academy has got the biggest number of voices for her work “Antenatal pedagogies is a new type of the antenatal health protection of the fetus in the children’s polyclinic”.
For the first time PR-agency Artisan Group Public Relations (part of the companies Artisan Group) together with the communications group “Gurov and partners” organized the referendum to reveal the most popular medical journals in pediatricians. 1500 persons participated in this referendum. Participants of the referendum have got a special form with 60 most important journals devoted to pediatrics. 90 per cent respondents were doctors, one third of them were working more than 20 years.
Journal “Current pediatrics” was an absolute leader – 44 per cent respondents answered that it was their preferable journal, 20 per cent of them said they were reading it routinely, 15 per cent were interested in some single issues and only 7 per cent mentioned they red it irregularly.
“Pediatric pharmacology” settled down strongly on the second place. 33 per cent respondents called it one of their preferable journals, 18 per cent are reading it regularly, single issues were interesting for 16 per cent respondents and 10 per cent read it from time to time.
Journal “Questions of diagnostics in pediatrics’ was found on the third place. It was mentioned by 25 per cent respondents, 16 per cent read it it regularly, 14 per cent – read single issues and 11 per cent – from time to time.
The obtained results in many respects testify to serious practical and scientific orientation of the journals leaders of the public opinion: among doctors-respondents 41 per cent were working in polyclinics, 31 per cent – in hospitals, 19 per cent – are members of sub-facilities, and only 9 per cent respondents were working in Health Ministries ofRF subjectsMore than ¼ (26 per cent) of all respondents have the scientific grade, 99 per cent of them are candidates and doctors of medical sciences.
“Two leaders are among “VAK” (Russian classific commission) journals and are being edited during the period of more that 7 years, their edition exceeds 7000 copies. This particularly tells us about high level of Russian pediatricians”,- comments Anna Leluk, specialist of “Gurov and partners”.
Ten best medical journals ore the following:

I don’t read
From time to time
Single issues
Current pediatrics
Pediatric pharmacology
Diagnostics questions in pediatrics
Pediatrics. Journal named after G.N. Speransky
Russian pediatric journal
Pediatrician practice
Issues of the practical pediatrics
Children’s infections
Questions of mother and child protection

The Congress of pediatricians stimulated the rising interest of the non-medical people – materials and information concerning the children’s doctors forum were published in 22 printed and 57 internet issues, 5 topics were transmitted on radio and 3 – on TV.
To sum the results of the XIV Congress of Pediatrics of Russia the Public resolution of the Congress was taken. There were the most actual and forward-looking courses for the further Union of Pediatricians of Russia work.

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