The Union of Pediatricians of Russia was established in 1927
“Preserve the children’s health – preserve Russia!”
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The Union of Pediatricians of Russia is one of the oldest professional associations of medical professionals in the country. It traces its origin to 1912 when the Ist Russian Congress of Pediatricians was held. Then, in 1927, the legal implementation was performed – the association of pediatricians of USSR was created.

All history of the Union is the example of selfless service to honorable aim – children’s health maintenance and promotion in Russia. We have created the effective national system (with significant preventive trend) for the protection of children's health during the pre-war period. All epidemics of childhood infections were prevented during the Second World War. Pediatric service has made children's health indicators in our country comparable to those in economically developed countries in the post-war period. Russian pediatricians have prevented increase of children mortality during the social and economic crisis in the 1990s. Today we creatively and successfully implement the pediatric part of the National Priority projects “Healthcare” and “Demography”.

I wish Russian pediatricians good health and happiness! As for professional success we will have it anyway because we preserve and develop the decent traditions of the Russian pediatric school: traditions of the good and mercy, mix of science and practice, high professionalism, pure humanism and our endless love for children.

We live and work with the motto: “Preserve children’s health – save Russia!”

Honorary President of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia,
Leading external expert, pediatricican of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation,
Academician of RAS

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